Visiting Bangor

The Bangor gateway is centrally located in the state of Maine and offers easy access to all of what Maine has to offer. The region's towns and cities offer a variety of unique shops and interesting attractions, a New England lifestyle and a generous helping of Maine hospitality. The greater Bangor region sustains a population of 100,000 with the City of Bangor itself serving as home to 35,000.

Bangor is a modern, growing community. Among metropolitan areas with populations under 100,00, Bangor recently received the number one ranking from Places Rated Almanac published by IDG Books Worldwide. In addition to the best overall ranking, Bangor scored number one in the areas of transportation, education, arts and recreation. A Roper Poll published in Reader's Digest ranked Bangor as one of the top twenty places to raise a family. Just a few more reasons to visit us!

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