American Folk Festival - Aug. 28nd, 29rd, & 30th, 2015
Music, Dance & Culture from Traditions Across America & the World!
American Folk Festival Performers

The American Folk Festival features the traditional arts - music and dance - of the many cultures that make up America today. Traditions that represent the cultural heritage of a region, an ethnic group, a religious group, or an occupation are examples of the genres of music that are featured at the AFF. 

2015 American Folk Festival Performers

Preston Shannon Blues artist, Preston Shannon is described as a cross between Otis Redding and Bobby Womak; Shannon is a powerful guitarist and a soulful singer who will have the audience in awe.

Wylie The Yodeling, Wylie Gustafson will entertain the Festival when Wylie and the Wild West take the stage with their good-time cowboy music.  Wylie always has one goal in mind during performances, to "win a crowd with good music" and that is just what he is going to do.



Mickey Continuing the legendary music of his father, Cullen Galyean, Mickey Galyean and the Cullen's Bridge bring mountain bluegrass traditions to the stage.  Mickey and his group perform originals written by Cullen, Mickey, and his band, Bill Monroe and the Stanley Brothers classics, and also classic country gentleman songs. 

LL Bean

Hasanov Imamyar Hasanov is an internationally acclaimed virtuoso on Kamancha.  Hasanov works to foster the vitality and public appreciations of Azerbaijani traditional music.  With his unique arranging technique Imamyar has brought the music of Azerbaijan to the forefront of both the classical and world music fields.

Tal National
Tal National, from the country of Niger, performs music that is described as “joyously hypnotic” and a highly unique contribution to West African guitar music. The sixteen members that make up the group rotate vocalists and perform with lightning fast rhythms, delivered with virtuoso precision and unrelenting energy.

St. Joes


Cassidy Foundation

Sensational Royal lights
Sensational Royal Lights have traveled the country for more than 50 years singing the Gospel. The nine-member group hails from Cordtown, Maryland with all but one of the vocalists coming from the same family. The Sensational Royal Lights are known for their tight vocal harmonies, toe tapping tempos, and inspirational messages that continue to entertain crowds after more than half-a-century of performances.



Todds Original

Creole United
Creole United is a group of bandleaders that represent three generations of Creole Music culture. Creole United uses classic Creole Music styles of the past, along with Creole French and new Creole standards. The six-piece band mixes old-time accordion styles with newer Creole sounds of rock solid harmonies and modern drum beats.

Maine Community



The Dardanelles say they have been “changing the way you think about traditional music since 2009.” The group of twenty-somethings is from Newfoundland and blends the energy of a 3-piece punk rock band with the styles of traditional folk acts. Despite being relatively new to the scene, The Dardanelles have brought their dynamic live show to international festivals as far away as Glasgow and Australia.


Viking Lumber


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