2017 AFF Volunteer Leaders

These people work very hard starting in April/May to help plan the Volunteer Program.  Each person has their own area of expertise that they help out in
before, during and after the Festival.

Artist Buddy - Mike Murphy
Baby Comfort - Connie McVey
Bike Parking - Steve Ropiak
CD Signing Coordinator - Libby Turner
Children's Village - Jen Murphy, Deb Turcotte, Lauren Turcotte Seavey, Maggiebeth Turcotte Seavey
Dance Tent Info and Vending - Bill and Dawn Curtis
Festival Desk - Shirley Ellis and Joan Andren
Ice & Water Brigade - Barb St. Peter
Information Booths - Rich Dressler, and Barbara Cardone
Marketplace - Diana Keyser
Media Liason & Volunteer Services - Erin Guesman
Music Loggers - Don Katnik
Music Sales - Jane Black and Mary Brooks
On-Site Donations - Peggy Turner, Janet Smith, Dale Wilkes, and Don Wilbur
On-Site Transporation & Safety Escorts - Barb Carey, Jeff Bosse, Lynne Woods, Peter Curran
Special OPS - Al Banfield, Brad Ostrow, Brenda Boulier, Jack Kearns, Sean Sykes, Woody Higgins, Paul Hendrickson, Margie Gerrish, Cameron De Paola, Roger Hicks
Stage Area Services Dance  - Cedric Long
Stage Area Services Penobscot - Bruce Clukey, Barb Blazej
Stage Area Services Railroad - Jim Boulier, Jo Ann Higgins
Stage Area Services Two Rivers - Mark Friedman
Vending - Mike McGinn, Michelle Kimball, Denise Kimball
Volunteer Registration - Al and Esther Bushway